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We are the simple solution in event services.

We begin with a tech-first approach and render a remarkable production experience.

Above all, we value and prioritize our client's vision and expectations.

Who We Are


We plan and produce quality events locally, nationally, and


We stay within the technical scope, budget, and span of the project.

We specialize in the medical, corporate, and entertainment sectors. Our events range from personal celebrations to highly sensitive corporate forums.


First, we employ a systematic approach during the technical planning and execution.

Then, we complement with design and creative services to bring the event to life.

Finally, we ensure a compassionate, accountable, and client-centric work ethic throughout the experience.

What We Do
How We Do It

About TMD Event Tech

In 2014, TMD Event Technologies was founded as the source for tech-first event production paired with remarkable customer experience.  Specializing in the medical, corporate, and entertainment event industries, our mission is to elevate the overall production value.  We start with customer-centric planning and management at the core of every experience.


With a philosophy rooted in trust, integrity, and discretion, TMD Event Technologies is the reliable source for quality event production.

About TMD

Client Reviews

I am consistently impressed with Thomas' talents and skills.  TMD has a production value like no other!

Paola, NY

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